K-State Hosts Dairy Symposium

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Kansas farmers caught a glimpse of what’s happening in the dairy industry during a symposium held at Kansas State University this afternoon.

Dozens of farmers gathered at the Stanley Stout Center for presentations regarding the current and future state of the industry, as well as the growth potential for dairy in Kansas.

"Run that wheel and that wheel will turn over five to seven turns," said Normand St-Pierre, Professor of Dairy Management at The Ohio State University. "So a cow will grow somewhere around $5,000 per year. It’s very easy after that to figure out what is the economic impact of attracting dairy. How many cows times 5,000, times seven. That will be the flux of money flowing through the Kansas economy."

The presentation concluded with a Town Hall Q&A moderated by Steve Irsik, Royal Farms Dairy, Garden City. The panel included: Brouk and Brown, and dairy producers Justin Ohlde, Linn; Melissa Reed, Abilene; Ken McCarty, Colby; Nathan Campbell, Winfield; and Brent Buessing, Baileyville.