Juvenile Driver Placed On House Arrest In Fatal Car Accident Case

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- Last year, a Shawnee Heights High School cross country runner died in a car accident that injured 3 other teens and Tuesday the driver of the car faced a Shawnee County District court judge.

Adam Erickson was 15-years -old when authorities say he was driving the car carrying five teens that rolled over in the 4500 block of Southeast 101st Street.

Hannah Daugherty, Matthew Randall and Brooke Ginter, all 14-years-old, were injured.

14-year-old Cameron Johnson, a Shawnee Heights High School cross country runner, died. Now, over a year after that accident, Erickson, now 16, is charged with reckless involuntary manslaughter and 3 counts of aggravated battery and reckless great bodily harm and 2 counts of cultivating, distributing and possession with intent to distribute hallucinogenic drugs.

All the charges are being handled in Shawnee County juvenile court.

13 news was in Tuesday's hearing, but cameras were not allowed. Judge Joseph Johnson ordered Erickson not to drive a motor vehicle until further notice.

Erickson also is not allowed to work, have a cell phone or participate in social media and Judge Johnson put him on house arrest.

A scheduling hearing for Erickson is set for October 24th and Judge Johnson is not allowing media in for that hearing.