Junction City Minister To Be Charged In 10 Child Molestation Cases

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GEARY COUNTY, Kan. (WIBW) – Prosecutors say they’re still waiting to receive vital DNA results in the shocking investigation of a minister accused of molesting young boys at a Junction City church.

Jordan Young, 25, is facing child molestation charges in six cases involving separate victims. The state will be charging Young in connection with four more cases, prosecutors told WIBW. It will bring the number of victims to 10 in the church sex scandal.

Young appeared in Geary County District Court Thursday for a status hearing on his cases.

He was originally arrested in August after the Junction City Police Department launched an investigation into reports of sexual misconduct at Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church where he’d been serving as the music minister.

Assistant Geary County Attorney Michelle Brown says Young sexually abused underage males at Faith Tabernacle (located on Burke Drive in Junction City) and at the church’s school called the Apostolic Academy (located several miles away from the church on Rucker Road in Junction City), as well as “outside of both” of those locations.

“We’re dealing with an alleged pattern of conduct that ranges from 2008 to the present,” she said, addressing when the reported crimes occurred.

The state is waiting to receive final test results from the KBI. The agency is testing close to 40 pieces of evidence, looking for DNA. Brown explains that DNA testing is a two step process- the first is “extraction” where it is determined whether there is anything to test from samples of bodily fluids. The first process is complete, she said. Now, Geary County authorities are waiting for the results from the second step as DNA scientists work to determine who the bodily fluids belong to.

A preliminary hearing on Young’s cases has been scheduled for January 23rd and 24th, 2013 at the Geary County courthouse. Brown hopes that by setting the hearing, it will “get things going” with the DNA testing as the KBI continues to process cases from across the state.

“The direction of these cases will be severely impacted by what’s at the KBI,” she said Thursday.

She says a lot of work has gone into the investigation as authorities work to piece together what happened. She referred to the victims as “kids.”

Jordan Young will appear in court for a status hearing on January 10th at 9 AM. He is being held in the Geary County Jail on $1 million bond.

He is the son of former Faith Tabernacle pastor Edwin Young, who reportedly abruptly resigned. Sources close to Faith Tabernacle say Edwin Young took a significant amount of money from the church when he left the church and the area before his son was arrested. Police refuse to comment on Edwin Young’s whereabouts and if he is part of the police investigation at the church.