Jessica Tata Trial: Jury Begins Deliberating In Houston Day Care Fire Case

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(CBS/AP) HOUSTON - Jurors are deliberating whether to convict a Houston woman of felony murder after a 2011 fire at her home day care killed four children who had been left alone.

Jessica Tata faces up to life in prison on one of four counts of felony murder.

Prosecutors say Tata left the children home alone and with oil cooking on a stove burner while she went shopping. Three children were also hurt in the blaze.

Defense attorney Mike DeGeurin argued the fire could have been sparked by a malfunctioning refrigerator.

Prosecutor Steve Baldassano said that argument was "crazy." Baldassano again showed jurors surveillance video of Tata shopping at Target while her home was on fire.

The jury can also choose to find Tata guilty of several lesser charges.