Jesse The Giraffe Getting Worse

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- You may only have a few days left to say goodbye to one of the Topeka Zoo's biggest attractions for the last quarter-century. Jesse the Giraffe, one of the oldest in North America, is approaching the end of his life.

For 24 years, he has greeted guests at the Topeka Zoo. In late March, city officials released a statement saying that Jesse was receiving end of life care.

On Tuesday, they said they're seeing signs his condition has worsened. Zoo officials now believe Jesse's hospice care will end in the next few days.

Jesse was born in 1990 and is among the oldest, living reticulated giraffes in a North America zoo. He has fathered seven baby giraffes at the Topeka Zoo - including "Hope," who turned four this month.