Jerry Moran Pushes For Keystone XL Project To Move Forward

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WASHINGTON (WIBW) -- On January 31, the U.S. State Department released the Final Environmental Impact Statements of the Keystone XL Pipeline. After concerns about environmental impact in Nebraska, Senator Jerry Moran hopes these final statements will help progress the project.

"After five years of delay by the White House, President Obama is out of excuses," Moran said in a reaction statement. "His decision should not be about special interests, it should be about the energy security of our country and job creation."

The five year review of environmental consequences has allegedly taken twice as long as it will take to build the pipeline.

In 2011, Congress passed legislation to make the president issue a decision on the project within 60 days. That's when Obama cited environmental issues in Nebraska. In 2012, the Senate voted on approving the project using congressional authority, but fell short of passing my two votes.

In March of last year, the State Department released its draft of the environmental assessment. The Senate also passed a measure establishing formal recognition that the pipeline is beneficial to the entire nation.

The original Keystone pipeline moves crude oil from Steele City, Nebraska to Cushing, Oklahoma. The XL project will expand the pipeline to move crude oil through Kansas safely.