Jerry Glasgow Turns Wheels Toward Retirement

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - After more than four decades at the helm, Jerry Glasgow is turning his wheels toward retirement.

The long-time owner of Performance Tire and Wheel in Topeka will turn over operations and ownership to his son, Justin, effective Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012.

Jerry Glasgow has been with the business for 41 years. He started working for the Thurber family in 1971, managing what was then the SOCO Tire Warehouse. He went on to manage Topeka Tire and Wheel in 1973, and opened another store in Lawrence in 1978, when the company name changed to Performance Tire and Wheel.

Glasgow purchased the stores from the Thurber family in 1991. It is currently the largest Cooper tire dealer in northeast Kansas. While operating the business, he's been active in many community organizations, including Sunrise Optimist Club, local 4-H clubs, Seaman Schools and Hayden High. He also supports his church, Mother Teresa Parish.

Justin Glasgow joined the company in 2003. He's credited with establishing Performance Tire and Wheel's multimedia marketing, including establishing a social media presence. He's served as president of the company since August 2012.

Jerry Glasgow plans to remain in Topeka with his wife of 45 years, Linda, and continue their support of civic and charitable organizations.

Complete news release from Performance Tire and Wheel:

Jerry Glasgow retires from Performance Tire and Wheel effective Dec. 29, 2012

After 41 years of serving customers at Performance Tire and Wheel, Jerry Glasgow is turning over the operations and ownership of Performance Tire and Wheel to his son, Justin, effective Saturday, December 29, 2012.

Jerry began his career working for the Thurber family managing SOCO Tire Warehouse in 1971. In 1973, Jerry opened and managed Topeka Tire and Wheel located at SE 29th and Adams. In 1978, Jerry opened another store in Lawrence and managed both stores. It was at this time that the company named changed to Performance Tire and Wheel.

Jerry Glasgow became President in 1987 and in 1991 purchased the stores from the Thurber family. Performance Tire and wheel continued to grow under Jerry’s leadership. It is the largest Cooper tire Dealer in NE Kansas and continues to enjoy the highest customer loyalty among locally owned stores in the Greater Topeka area. It is well documented that Jerry has served multi-generational clientele starting from great grandparents to great grandchildren.

Jerry believes and demonstrates his commitment to his community by investing in Seaman Schools, Hayden as well as his favorite civic organizations like sunrise Optimist Club and 4H clubs in Shawnee, Jackson and Jefferson counties. His generosity and compassion extends to his church, Mother Teresa Parish. As much as he loves running his business and serving his customers, his love for his wife, Linda, is undeniable. They have been married 45 years. As much as Jerry enjoyed growing his business, his passion for his children and grandchildren is a high priority.

Jerry Glasgow established several traditions for this company. One of which is a north Topeka fixture. For the past 22 years, Performance Tire and Wheel celebrates its Customer Appreciation Day in April. Jerry and his family along with their loyal staff spend the day thanking their customers for their business. They provide a meal and door prizes to everyone who attended. This is just typical Jerry Glasgow style of letting people know that he cares and he is grateful.

After retirement, Jerry and Linda will continue to live in Topeka. He plans to continue supporting his charitable and civic organizations.

Justin Glasgow joined Performance Tire in 2003. He placed his thumb print on the business by multimedia marketing including social media using facebook and twitter. Following Jerry’s example of civic and charitable activities, Justin got involved in the Topeka Active 20-30 Club. This year, Justin took charge of the annual customer Appreciation day by bringing the original Monster Truck to Topeka. This free event drew more than 3,000 people.

Justin began working at Performance tire while he attended Seaman High School where he excelled in football. He played at University of Kansas where he was named Team captain in his senior year. After a brief stint in the NFL, Justin started his professional career in sales and marketing. Justin is married to Tonya and they have 3 children.

Justin was named president of Performance Tire and Wheel on August 2012.