Jenkins Wins 2nd District Republican Primary

Lynn Jenkins and Joshua Tucker
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TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins has easily defeated a tea party challenger in the Republican primary in the 2nd District of eastern Kansas.

Jenkins defeated challenger Joshua Joel Tucker in Tuesday's primary.

"In my short time in Congress I have pledged to work with anyone from any party who moves the important issues forward and that advocacy has been met with success on important issues from mental health first aid, to children’s disease research, to protecting the 40 hour work week," said Jenkins.

Jenkins is a 51-year-old former two-term state treasurer who's seeking her fourth, two-year term in the House. She's the vice chairwoman of the House Republican caucus, the fifth-ranking GOP leader in the chamber.

"With my advocacy, Eastern Kansas has again become a priority in Washington," she continued.

She'll face Democrat and Lawrence attorney Margie Wakefield in the November election.

"Folks know my body of work in these important areas. What we don’t know is where Ms. Wakefield stands on most issues, whom she might support for Speaker and when she plans on answering critical questions for Eastern Kansans,” added Jenkins.

Tucker is a 31-year-old Pittsburg State University employee who had campaign business cards saying, "The Constitution is my Special Interest."

Through late July, Tucker had raised less than $10,000 for his campaign, while Jenkins raised nearly $475,000 in July alone.

Posted by: Nick Viviani