Jenkins Family Has A Full House

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- Its been 5 days since a Topeka couple touched down on U.S. soil after being stuck in Ukraine for more than a month with delays getting their four adopted children's passports.

Wednesday, they were busy enrolling the children into Topeka schools and now they are finally taking time to settle inside their home. Don and Lisa Jenkins already had a child living in the home before they adopted more children.

Since the Jenkins family have been back home with their 4 adopted children from Ukraine, they now have a full house.

"We doubled in size," said Don Jenkins.

"Its been a nervous excitement because the excitement of everybody being in here and finally getting acclimated but at the same time nervous because no one really knows what to expect of each other or how our routines work yet," said Lisa Jenkins.

With 7 family members living under one roof, Lisa and Don say they have had a lot of situating to do in their 3 bedroom house.

"We had everything we had to bring in we still have all the luggage," said Don.

"A lot of adjustment a lot of moving things around but it has worked out well," said Lisa.

Don gave 13 News a tour of their home. Natalie has her own bedroom downstairs, while her 2 sisters, Tatiana and Angela stay upstairs. For now, 8-year-old Roman is sharing a room with his adoptive parents.

The teenage girls and Roman will attend schools in the Seaman School district in 2 weeks. Don and Lisa say they are eager to get them involved at school and start a new life in Topeka.

"I hope they embrace it. I hope they go after it and make the most of it," said Don.

Don and Lisa Jenkins say they have always wanted a big family and they look forward to holidays and just sitting at the dinner table with their new, big happy family.