Jenkins, Schlingensiepen Debate At KU

LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW) - More talk on taxes and who's more in touch with northeast Kansas voters in a meeting between two candidates who want a seat in Congress.

Second district Republican incumbent Lynn Jenkins and Democratic challenger Tobias Schlingensiepen met in a debate Thursday night at the Dole Institute of Politics at KU.

The debate focused around the candidate's thoughts on issues such as healthcare, the role of the military, the farm bill and job creation.

Each candidate had a key message.

Jenkins spoke about healthcare, saying she has voted numerous times to repeal the federal health care reform law. She says she wants to replace it with something that gets to the heart of controlling costs.

Schlingensiepen says he wants to see representatives actually represent the voter's interest and to "lift up the voice of those voters in the halls of Congress."

The event was sponsored by the Voter Education Coalition in Lawrence.