Illegal Dumping Cases Increasing In Wichita

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WICHITA, Kan.(KAKE)-- It's not just the occasional bottles being found on the side of the road that's a problem. Some areas in Wichita are becoming dump sites for things like mattresses. "We feel like and we're being able to build data to show that these cases are increasing over the last couple of years," said Tom Stolz, Wichita City Director of Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department.

So far this year the city has had almost 4,000 nuisance cases for bulky waste or trash. The city says that's the number of cases they typically see in one year's time. "The reason why a person would take trash and dump it on someone's property or public property is because they are probably trying to avoid trash fees. It's free to do that."

The city has 15 inspectors take care of these complaints on top of residential and zoning complaints. They say these calls tie up man power. "We all know there's a big push in this city to get our streets in shape and if we're going to utilize their time to get pick up trash that someone has dumped they can't do their core job which is street maintain and things that are in important."

City officials say as this issues continues to grow, it's giving Wichita a bad look. "When things get so bad, we have mattresses dumped and you look at some areas that have a dumpster with junk piled up by the dumpster and all the neighboring yards I think that makes the city look bad."