Hutchinson Woman Leaves $226,000 To Animal Shelter

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HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KAKE)-- A 93 year old Hutchinson woman who died in May is leaving a lasting legacy after a big donation to the local animal shelter in her will.

Eula Fry was a private woman. So it came as a big surprise to Hutchinson City officials when she left $226,000 to the Hutchinson Animal Shelter.

Fry was born in 1919, graduated from Hutchinson High School in 1937 and went to business college. The divorced insurance company secretary lived alone in a duplex for a time. Toward the end of her life she lived in Hutchinson's Wesley Manor and Callier Assisted Living.

She never had children and no living family at the time of her death. So when she died the left the large sum of money to the animal shelter.

Shelter Director Richard Havens said he never had the pleasure of meeting Eula Fry. But he said her donation will do a lot. "It makes us feel wonderful", said Havens. "It caught us off guard that this lovely woman thought of us, and it was only after her passing that we found out how much she loved animals."

The Hutchinson City Council Tuesday voted to spend the donation on various shelter projects. $134,000 of the donation is going into a reserve fund for the shelter. All thanks to Eula Fry.

Posted by Greg Palmer