Husband Pleas For Return Of Dying Wife's Wedding Ring

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WICHITA, Kan The reward for the return of a ring stolen from a dying Wichita woman has climbed to $2,000.

Three men have been arrested for stealing items from Dani Zimmerman after she suffered an aneurysm in a fast food drive thru lane earlier this month. All of the items have been recovered except her wedding ring and phone.

The Wichita Crime Commission said an anonymous donor pushed the reward to $2,000.

“The robbery of Danielle Zimmerman as she lay dying was an unspeakable crime,” said Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer. “We hope this reward will help Kris, Alex and Noah Zimmerman and the citizens of our community understand the depth of compassion Wichitans from all walks of life feel toward this family. I feel this clearly shows ours is a caring, giving city.”

In an emotional statement during a morning news briefing, Dani Zimmerman's husband Kris told reporters he should have been the last person to hold his wife's hand, not someone stealing her ring.

The public can contribute to the reward fund. For more information,someone stealing the ring off her finger. He says finding the ring would help bring closure to the family.

The public can contribute to the reward fund. For more information,