Hostess Says Friday Decision Coming On Future Of Company

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EMPORIA, Kan. (WIBW) - Hostess Brands says it will decide Friday whether to follow through on a threat to liquidate.

The company said it would go out of business if its striking Bakers and Confections Union members didn't return to work by 4 pm Thursday.

The deadline came and went on the picket line outside Emporia's production facility, with no workers opting to return to work. Union members say they're receiving strong support from the community.

After Hhostess filed for bankruptcy this past January, union workers say they grew dissatisfied with forced pay cuts and a freeze on payments into their pension plans. They say they know the consequences a strike could bring, but stand firm in their belief of an unfair contract.

Hostess Brands said its Friday decision on whether to liquidate would depend on the number of workers who crossed the picket line nationwide.

Even if Hostess elects to shut down, union leaders say they believe the Emporia facility will be sold. They say they welcome a new owner to sit down and look at a contract.

Hostess CEO Greg Rayburn announced Monday the closure of plants in Cincinatti, St. Louis and Seattle due to the work stoppage.