Horse At Heart Of Public Concern Euthanized In Pomona

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An elderly horse in Pomona, who became the focus of public concern, has been euthanized, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office confirmed Monday.

In September the sheriff's office began receiving calls from people concerned that the horse, named Jet, was not being properly cared for.

Deputies checked on the horse each time a report was made, and found he was receiving food, water and veterinary care, according to the sheriff's office.

The horse was 32-years-old and was unable to maintain weight, according to his veterinarian. Otherwise, he was in good care, the sheriff's office said Monday.

The horse was on a “pelleted” diet as well as ground alfalfa and sweet feed.

“I appreciate the concern that one elderly horse received. My office received over 40 calls in regard to his well being over the last two days, said Jeff Curry, Franklin County sheriff. " I would like to see this type of concern shown to the issue of elder abuse in our county as well. With this type of concern, I believe the weakest in our community would receive the care and need they deserve.”