Historic Portion Of Topeka Receives Major Grant

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__The NOTO arts district has brought enthusiasm and an economic boost to businesses in north Topeka area, but for those that call the area home, they have felt left out in the cold.

Officials on the Historic North Topeka East Neighborhood Improvement Plan committee believe a recent $2.4 million dollar grant from the city, will change all of that.

Debbie Duncan, the President of the Historic North Topeka East Neighborhood Improvement Association said, "I am so excited. They have been saying this was going to happen for 35 years and I've been patiently waiting.

Those who attended the meeting, realize that providing a makeover to the residential areas will only add to the great positivity that the NOTO arts district can bring.

Vice President of the N.I.A. said, "If the neighborhood isn't safe, people won't come. So we partnered with NOTO and Helping Hands and the NTBA and whoever could help build up north Topeka and give residents a sense of pride."

The north Topeka group will hold another open meeting May 13th at Garfield Park.

The Oakland neighborhood was also chosen for the grant..