Helping Hands' Canines And Felines Enjoy New Shelter Smell

Volunteers at a Helping Hands Humane Society fundraiser
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TOPEKA, Kan, (WIBW) - The big move is going well for Helping Hands staff and its nearly 300 dogs and cats.

The Helping Hands Humane Society is using this weekend to relocate to a bigger and better space at 5720 SW 21st Street.

Executive Director Bill Acree says all of the animals have been moved over and now it's the staff's turn to get all of their things situated.

The new location features a cat colony and some nifty features for both canines and felines.

"The really nice part is they [cats and dogs] are separated now. We're not sharing hallways anymore," Acree said. "The cats have got their independent area away from the dogs, that causes less stress. They're also breathing different air, because we filter the air differently in both those sections and that's kind of nice for them," he said.

Helping Hands will be open at their new location on 5720 Southwest 21st Street Tuesday at 11:30 am. The new shelter also features a new gift shop.