Help Name The Topeka Zoo's Sumatran Tiger Cubs

Courtesy: Topeka Zoo

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - It's time to name the Topeka Zoo's Sumatran Tiger cubs!

Zoo officials will assign symbolic Asian names to the three cubs, and in a variety of ways, the community will be able to pick their favorite name.

You can vote online, right now, to name the first born tiger, now known as Cub Three. A link to vote has been posted alongside this story. You can also visit the Leopard Spot Gift Shop at the Topeka Zoo to vote in person.

On Wednesday, a young girl in Topeka who has had to fight for her own life will visit the zoo to name Cub One -- the fighter in the group. Cub One wouldn't have survived without help from zoo staff. She is now the largest of the three cubs.

The rights to help name Cub Two will be auctioned off at a community event in the next few weeks. Funds raised will go to Sumatra to help their tiger conservation efforts.