Haysville Teen Hospitalized With Scorpion Sting

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A Haysville teenager is recovering at home after spending three days in a hospital intensive care unit for a scorpion sting.

Fifteen year-old Parker Hartley was playing Frisbee Golf at a park in Haysville Friday night. He was barefoot at the time. When he went over to put his shoes back on that's when the trouble started.

Inside Hartley's shoe was a scorpion. Yes there are scorpions in Kansas. Out of 2,000 scorpion species, 25 to 40 of them have venom harmful to humans. This one got Parker Hartley on the foot. "I felt a sharp sting", Hartley said. "And I knew right then that I had got stung because I recognized the pain."

Hartley flipped his shoe off never seeing the scorpion, but he did pull the stinger out of his foot. His parents thought it must have been a bee, wasp or hornet sting and treated him for that. But within 24 hours his foot had swollen dramatically and the pain was unbearable. "If I put pressure on it, it literally felt like someone was hammering nails into my feet", Harley said.

Saturday night he was in Wesley's emergency room where an alert nurse recognized the stinger as that of a scorpion. Hartley was in the intensive care unit for three days being treated with steroid and antihistamine drugs.

Hartley said he's learned an important lesson. "Probably to wear the largest boots I can find and tuck in the jeans", he said. "Just cover everything up."

Scorpions like to hide in dark places so experts advise if you're putting on shoes that have been outside or in sheds, shake them upside down before putting them on.

Posted by: Nick Viviani