Harveyville Family Cleans Up After Tornado

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TOPEKA, Kan(WIBW)--Residents are starting to clean up, uniting in the face of catastrophe.

On Tuesday, an EF-2 Tornado ripped through Harveyville.

Early and Dorothy Kopp, like many others in the town, were in their house when the tornado struck.

The Kopps made it through the storm, but winds severely damaged the home they've lived in for more than 30 years.

It became clear that the house they, their children and their grandchildren loved would have to be demolished.

The Kopps say through all of the destruction, their family has stuck together and they also remembered to laugh.

When family wasn't enough, the community was there to pick up the slack. Volunteers have swarmed the small town since Tuesday.

Now Wabaunsee County officials are asking general volunteers to take the weekend off and give residents time to rest and evaluate their needs.

Today the demolition crew made its stop at 375 Main Street. And the Kopps family watched as their home with all of its memories was town to the ground. Now, they're looking to the future.

If you want to help Harveyville and other communities in the 19 counties hit by the week's violent weather, officials say the best way is to donate money to nonprofit relief groups. Visit KSready.gov for more details.