Harveyville Mom Delivers Healthy Baby

Gemma Collins-Anderson was 10 weeks pregnant when a tornado hit her home in Harveyville. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl Monday.
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - When 13 News crews met Gemma Collins-Anderson seven months ago, she had lost nearly everything.

"I threw both my kids inside the bathtub. I jumped on top of them and as soon as I landed on top of them, the whole wall came crumbling down on us," she told us then, standing in front of a mountain of debris, what was left of her apartment.

It was just hours after she and her two toddlers took cover from an EF-3 tornado.

"It knocked my two babies out and I thought they were dead. I was sitting there singing lullabies to them. I didn't know if they were till alive.

Gemma was ten weeks pregnant at the time. Today her story of survival is complete.

"This is Raegan Mireya Elizabeth Anderson and she's a Harveyville tornado baby and she's our little miracle baby," Gemma said as she cradled her sleeping newborn, flanked by her husband D.J. Anderson and her daughters Nevaeh, 3, and 19-month-old Madilyn.

Gemma thought she had lost her unborn baby to the storm.

"None of us thought we were gonna be able to keep her after the tornado," she said.

But the little girl, big sisters and mom all miraculously survived nearly unharmed.

Gemma gave birth to Raegan Monday at 2:49 p.m and she says something else was born out of the rubble.

"The tornado... everything seemed like it was falling apart," she recalls the heartbreak. "As soon as the tornado happened, it brought everybody, the community, together. It brought me and my husband back together, we have a new baby now, everything is better," she said.

Gemma says strangers helped with donations, more than the family could've asked for. They ended up donating items they didn't need back to other victims.

She says neighbors she barely knew had become friends in the aftermath and her family has grown stronger.

"Every bad story has to end with a good beginning," Gemma concluded. "And this is her beginning."