Officer Hears Gunshots At 800 SE Pinecrest Drive

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- Topeka Police officers were dispatched to a report of gunshots being heard and an unknown female saying she had been shot Friday. A Patrol Sergent on scene thought he heard more gunshots but it happened to be something much different.

Around 10: 45 Friday night officers checked the area and a patrol officer said he heard gunshots coming from inside the residence at 800 SE Pinecrest drive.

Police say a fight had taken place earlier and an unknown person had fired a weapon to break up the fight and then left the area in an unknown vehicle.

The patrol sergeant who said he heard gunshots learned the noise he heard was a male occupant who had been assaulted during the fight beating on the interior wall to get the lights to come on. Officers say the male showed them to turn the lights on you have to pound on the wall. Officers say this makes a loud noise which could be mistaken for gunshot sounds.