Gravel Bike Ride Raises Money For Eskridge Swimming Pool

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ESKRIDGE, Kan. (WIBW)- A 94-year- old woman in Eskridge made her dream a reality and now people in her town are fundraising for support.

It's been more than a decade since the small town of Eskridge made a splash with the opening of Maisie's Community Pool.

Without Maisie DeVore, there would be no pool. She spent 30 years working towards opening it and remembers all the tough work it took..

"Oh jeepers, I've done everything there was to do under the sun. There was a lot of people said against it. First they said I'd never get a swimming pool," said DeVore.

But the false hope from others didn't stop DeVore. She collected, recycled and crushed cans and then turned them in for money.

"Just to save that many cans for so long is just incredible! I saved probably 67 pounds of cans in a years time and only got 21 dollars, so I can only imagine how many cans she had to save," said Shane Heinman.

DeVore raised $73,000.

" I would hate to tell you how many it was," said DeVore.

And now, people in the town of Eskridge are fundraising to keep the pool running and pay for its maintenance. They had their third annual "Gravel Bike Ride for Maise's Pride." Nearly 80 participants showed up to ride 80 miles or less.

Maisie DeVore's name will always be a symbol of pride in Eskridge and her message of determination is everlasting.

"I think Maisie would say don't let anybody tell you you can't do something because she proved to everybody that she can," said Program Director, Ryan Dudley.

"Well, I think that's great, yeah, I do," said DeVore.

Bike riders participated in a 30 mile or 25 mile ride as well. They donated $35 each to enter in the race and support Maisie's community pool.