Governor Warns Upcoming Storm Could Be More Dangerous Than Last

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Governor Sam Brownback says the upcoming snow storm has the potential to be more damaging than the one the state experienced last week. Brownback says that the state of emergency declaration he signed last week will be amended to include the storm that's set to hit Monday.

“The fact that we made it through the first one good, that's great,” said Brownback. “This one could be more difficult and caution is highly advised. This storm has the potential to be more dangerous than last week's storm because of the wind projections associated with it.”

The governor says the storm could have potential blizzard conditions that might affect power lines, especially for the southwestern corner of Kansas. State offices in the western and central regions of the state will be closed Monday.

The Emergency Operations Center re-opened at noon Sunday. Emergency management officials are preparing the same way they did for the last storm.

“We'll also be working with the National Guard we've given them a warning order,” said Maj. Gen. Lee Tafanelli. “We're working with the state agency partners as we continue to assess the current threat.”

Despite last week's extensive response efforts, K-DOT officials say they have all the resources they need to handle what's to come.

“They did have some equipment issues that came up on the first round because you go out and use that equipment and it gets banged up,” said Brownback. “But they said they have adequate equipment for this round and ready to go.”

Officials advise everyone to stay off the roads. However, for those who must venture out in the storm, they say to make sure you have a cell phone and a full tank of gas.