Governor Holds Meeting In Efforts To Increase Job Growth And Better The Economy

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-Governor Sam Brownback wants to kick-start the Kansas economy and create more jobs.

His economic Advisory Council met Wednesday afternoon. The meeting provided a comparison analysis of the state of Kansas' economy to the nation's and region's.

Wayne Angell who served on the Federal Reserve Board opened the meeting with a speech. Governor Brownback followed up with his views on the economic growth of Kansas.

"So, that we can create jobs and opportunities for people in Kansas. We want the state to be the best place in the country so families can grow a business. You got to have a good atmosphere to do that. Your key people all over the state are looking at the question," said Governor Sam Brownback.

The meeting concluded with updates from the Department of Agriculture and industry updates from members of the council.