Governor Brownback Hopes Increased Funding Plan Can Strengthen Kansas

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Governor Sam Brownback says he believes increasing funding in three key areas is what's needed to strengthen Kansas.

In his first press conference of 2014, Brownback said his three year track record as Governor reinforces his optimistic views of a road towards a better Kansas.

He said population growth in rural areas, housing growth and an unemployment rate at 5.1%, 10th lowest in the country, shows Kansas is on its way to a stable economy, but the Governor said there are three main areas Kansas needs increased funding to help push the state ahead.

The Governor said, "My big target is to try and buy our waiting list down. These are individuals who have physical, mental or both maladies. Clearly in need and have had to sit on a waiting list."

Speaking on education, Governor Brownback said, "We have to get our pension system in a better situation and we are investing in that and in education. The studies are all pretty clear that the best place to invest in education is early, while a young mind is forming. You want that child to be in a good and growth oriented atmosphere."

The Kansas Supreme Court still has not ruled on a pending lawsuit charging the State with not spending enough on Kansas schools. If the state loses that suit, the legislature would have to come up with millions more for school funding.