Get Your News While Walking Downtown

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Now your latest news can be seen wrapping around the Capitol Federal building downtown on Kansas Avenue, Topeka's very own version of Times Square.

Captiol Federal is displaying news stories from WIBW-TV on a recently installed ticker-like billboard.

The goal is to bring a new focal point to Topekans walking around downtown.

Now the billboard displays Capitol Federal ads, but soon community information, a sports ticker and maybe a stocks ticker will display across the building.

This billboard is one of the many additions to downtown Topeka that is designed to get more people interested in downtown activities.

John Dicus, CEO of Capitol Federal, said at first they thought about remodeling the whole building inside and out.

"We thought there's something we could do different in downtown Topeka, with all the talk about the Kansas Avenue Street-scape and things that are going downtown," Dicus said. "This is an opportunity for us to bring something to Topeka."

Dicus also said because WIBW and Capitol Federal have been a part of the Topeka community for so long, partering up together for this project was perfect.