Members Of Gage Dental Group Ordered To Pay Thousands In Fines

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Nearly $10,000 in fines were handed out by the Kansas Dental Board on Friday to three partners and nine hygienists of Topeka's Gage Dental Group.

The Kansas Dental Board handed down fines to 3 partners and nine hygienists in the group. The most serious fine went to Robert hall, a $3,000 fine.

The stipulation indicated over an 18 month period, Hall had prescribed pain medication, including Lortab and Tramidal in various quantities and dosages for a patient without maintaining records to show justification for the prescriptions, specifically for not documenting follow-up exams.

Hall was also fined for providing treatment to a patient for a condition outside the practice of dentistry.

Bruce Banks and Darin Loehwn received $1,000 fines each for allowing dental hygienists to preform procedures which constituted dental hygiene when the patient had not been examined by a dentist within a 12 calendar month period.

The 9 hygienists were fined $500 each for practicing dental hygiene when a supervising dentist had not performed an examination on the patient in the prior 12 months.

In none of the cases did the dental board find a complaint issued by a patient or report any patient harm, but the documents did not indicate who submitted the complaints.

As 13 News first reported in July and again in October of 2013, Gage Dental Group is in the midst of a lawsuit, filed in 2011. Partners Gregory and Eric Johnson are suing the other 6 dentists in the group, and those dentists filed a counter suit against the Johnson's.

The Johnson's want out of the group and the partners claim if they leave without cause, they can't practice within 20 miles of Topeka.

There is a court hearing on the lawsuit Friday. Attempts to mediate have failed.