Gage Blvd Sees Two Accidents Within Two Blocks

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TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW)__ One person was taken to the hospital after two separate accidents occurred within blocks of each other Friday afternoon.

The first accident happened near 12th and Gage when a blue Hyundai SUV was trying to exit the McDonalds parking lot.

Traffic traveling in the southbound right lane had stopped to let the SUV onto Gage. The driver proceeded onto Gage and crossed into the left lane where another SUV struck the vehicle.

Officers shut down the northbound lanes to clear the scene.

Both drivers refused AMR.

A short time later, officers say a woman on a bicycle near 10th and Gage was struck by a vehicle.

Officers say the woman thought the car was stopped when she rode out in front of it. The car then rolled forward hitting her and knocking her off the bicycle. She was conscious at the scene but taken by ambulance for evaluation. It is not known if she suffered any major injuries.