Taylor Will Fight To Get Name Off Kansas Senate Ballot

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- Democratic Senate candidate Chad Taylor plans to fight Sec. of State Kris Kobach's ruling that his name will remain on the ballot this November.

"I am planning to challenge the ruling of the Kansas Secretary of State, who serves on Pat Roberts’ Honorary Committee," said Taylor in a statement after the verdict

The Shawnee Co. District Attorney submitted a letter withdrawing from the race on Wednesday - the last day he could.

The next day, Republicans questioned the validity of the letter, pointing to state law requiring that he did not say that he would be unable to serve. Later that day, Kobach upheld their argument, saying Taylor's name won't be removed.

According to Kobach, election law states that there are only 2 reasons to remove his name, death or if Taylor said he was unable to serve. Candidates do not need to say why they cannot serve only that they are unable to do so. Kobach said the incapability of serving requirement was specifically inserted into the law and all of the other candidates who withdrew during his tenure have met the statute.

Kobach added that Taylor is an attorney and many non-attorneys have withdrawn and understood the requirements.

Shortly after the GOP raised its concerns about the letter, Taylor's campaign released a statement which read, in part:

I proceeded to draft and deliver a letter to the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office of Elections, giving notice of my withdrawal from the United States Senate race. I specifically asked Mr. (Director of Elections and Legislative Matters for the Kansas Secretary of State's Office Brad) Bryant if the letter contained all the information necessary to remove my name from the ballot. Mr. Bryant said, “Yes” affirming to me, and my campaign manager, that the letter was sufficient to withdraw my name from the ballot.

Kobach said he questioned Bryant about the conversation and Bryant said he never stated the filing was sufficient to withdraw.

He noted that ballots for military members must be mailed on September 20, so they must have the names finalized by September 18, so they can be printed.

Incumbent Republican Pat Roberts' campaign had called Taylor's attempt to withdraw a "corrupt bargain" with independent candidate, Olathe businessman Greg Orman.

They will also face Libertarian candidate Randall Batson.

Kobach's Democratic challenger for the Secretary of State seat Jeah Shodorf quickly criticized the Secretary of State's call.

"Mr. Kobach does not act with the best intentions of Kansans in mind. He only considers what is best for his personal agenda. This stands directly against what is best for the people of Kansas," she said.

During the news conference, Kobach said the decision had noting to with political party and that the law is the law - going so far as to say that he wished the shoe was on the other foot.