Furniture Megastore Opens Its Doors, Helps Local Organization

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The Furniture Mall of Kansas opened to the public Saturday morning.

The mall replaced Macy's in West Ridge Mall and now occupies two floors filled with brand-new furniture including mattresses, living room sets, tile, carpet and other home decor.

Five furniture stores are combined into one: Discovery Furniture, Marlings, Roommakers, Mattress Headquarters and Abbey Flooring Headquarters. Each headquarters has its own managers and staff, but operates under one company name, owned by brothers Jeff and Jamie Winters.

The mall also boasts a coffee shop that sells PT's coffee, a digital aquarium on the upper floor and a fountain.

The Winter brothers say that after a short 113 days of construction, they are "giddy" to see what all the collaboration has created. They had the plan to occupy Macy's since last year, and it all fell together once Macy's moved out.

They say Furniture Mall of Kansas is much different than other stores.

"You have a big selection but yet still have small, individualized stores where people can get personalized attention," Jeff Winter said.

And they don't want to hire the typical furniture salespeople who push customers to buy the most expensive thing in the store.

"We are a unique store in terms that all our staff works on non-commission," Jamie Winter said. "That means they get paid the same today whether our customers purchase or not. Our focus is really to make sure our customers get the product that they need."

Jeff doesn't feel that people trying to cut back on expenses will affect the store. He said that people spend a lot of time in their home and the furniture they buy reflects on how they want to feel.

The opening of the mall provided 33 jobs and Jeff said they are looking to hire more people.

The Furniture Mall of Kansas held its grand opening event Friday night, which was also a fundraising event for the Topeka Rescue Mission.

Attendees got to get a sneak peak of furniture trends and styles and get a book signed by Barry Feaker, Executive Director of the Rescue Mission.

The Capital Sound Barbershop Quartet provided entertainment during the event. HGTV and TLC star Angelo Surmelis was also there for the ceremony.