From Russia To Dralion Just A Jump

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - For Marina Vorobyeva, becoming a world class performer with the acclaimed Cirque du Soleil began as something new to try.

"I was doing trampoline in Russia as a sport," the petite, 25-year-old, said. "I was a trampoline sportsman. One day, the agent just recorded my video and just sent it to Montreal. And they called me, asked, 'Do you wan to try?' I said, "yeah, sure!'" she recounted. That was five years ago.

Since then, Vorobyeva has been a trampo-artist and part of the touring troupe of 54 performers from 16 countries.

Dralion balances Eastern acrobatic arts with Western influences in which aerialists, gymnasts, acrobats and artists defy gravity and belief.

"In our trampo-act, it's girls against boys. It's water against fire," she said. "It's like a little war, a little competition between water and fire."

And yes, it's just as fun as it looks, she says, though Cirque folks wouldn't let this reporter take a jump.

"It's definitely fun, 100 percent fun," she assured. "And you see the people's emotion, it's very very nice," she said.

"But you still have to think about the tramp and be strong (mentally)," she said. "Because it's dangerous," she said.

Vorobyeva says making the transition from a gymnast in Russia to this world class act was a bit of a stretch.

But for now she's going with the flow and no plans to hold back.

The show still runs tomorrow night through Sunday. Tickets are still available at the Expocentre box office and through