Friends And Volunteers Prepare Home For Kelsey Family

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TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) They all call themselves a small army, fueled by love and compassion, giving a big gift to the Kelsey family.

"They are friends and family and strangers, and everyone that has heard the story has been really touched by it," Cassandra Taylor said.

Brenda and Sean Kelsey were anticipating the arrival of their baby girl. On September 3, Brenda went into labor. Due to complications, she suffered a stroke and six days later, their baby Rebecca passed away.

Brenda has been in a rehab facility in Nebraska for 10 weeks.

"She still needs a wheelchair and because of this, they had to move," Taylor said. "Since they're in Lincoln in the hospital, I've sort of gathered a group of awesome volunteers and we are moving their household goods this weekend."

They Kelsey Army is moving boxes upon boxes upon boxes, organizing, building, making the transition a smoothe one.

"There's a ton of us out here doing what we can to help this family get past this tragedy," Brendan Jensen said. He knows Brenda and Sean through the Topeka Chamber's Fast Forward program.

"Brenda and Sean are my best friends," Taylor said. "They're peoplet hat deserve this help."

Brenda will have to be in her wheelchair for a little while. Her army built her a ramp and Saturday they installed hand rails.

Volunteers say it's the least they could do.

Cassandra's mom Denise knows the Kelsey and has been helping out too.

"They're such a good couple that it is actually a plus for me to help. And they've always done so much for their friends in the community."

"It's one of those things where you just say 'show up' and we'll be there," Jensen said.

After everything the Kelseys have gone through the past couple months, just coming home will be a relief.

"This will be nice, they can come home and their house will be put back together. And they'll have a bed to sleep in," volunteer Sondra Clark said. She's known Sean since he was little.

Cassandra said she's overwhelmed at how much the community has continuously helped her best friends.

"It makes your heart warm and fuzzy, it brings a tear to your eyes. It's fantastic."

She regularly Skypes with Sean and Brenda and says they are overwhelmed too.

"They're like 'please tell everyone how thankful we are. We're so grateful.' They don't know how they'll ever repay anyone."

It's not about repayment for the volunteers.

"It's really cool to see all the people that showed up for this. It shows how much Topekans care about our own," Jensen said.

The Kelseys are set to return Tuesday, November 12.

To find out more about their story and want to donate, visit www.youcaring/thekelseyfamilyarmy.