Friends And Family Raise Money For Young Girl's Recovery

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-About a month ago, 12-year-old Rylee Robinson was riding her bike on South Topeka Blvd. when she was struck from behind. This left Robinson in critical condition. Friends say that Robinson is still in the hospital with broken bones.

" I miss her. It made me really sad when this all happened," said Rylee Robinson's friend, Ireland Jamvold.

"It will probably be a long recovery, but she is hanging in there," said Rylee Robinson's neighbor, Jamie McCartney.

And ever since the tragic event, Robinson's friends and family have had fundraising events to show support for her recovery. Sunday, they sold hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, bracelets and key chains in her honor.

Even though the fundraiser was a success, supporters couldn't help but think about how much they miss their friend.

"She always gave me a compliment everyday. She never really had anything negative to say," said Jamvold.

"I hope that Rylee gets better. I hope that this helps her just a little bit. I hope she gets better and I hope that she can recover," said Morgan Elizabeth.

And they can't wait for the day Rylee Robinson leaves the hospital and comes back home.

"We just miss her and we love her," said Rylee Robinson's friend, Jordan McCartney.

You can attend the next "Recovering Rylee" fundraiser June 22 at Kansas Karnage and also find more information on the Recovering Rylee facebook page.