Four Bids Received For Parking Lot

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)--A $2.5 million bid was among four submitted to the state of Kansas for 64,000 square feet of a parking lot at the corner of 10th and Topeka Blvd.

The bids range from $402,250 to the $2.5 million figure.

The Department of Administration designated "lot two" as surplus property in March after looking at all the available, free parking in the capitol complex.

The Secretary of Administration will review the bids and can reject all of them if they are deemed to not be in the best interest of the state. If one of the bids is approved, Gov. Sam Brownback and the State Finance Council must also approve it.

Secretary Mark J. McGivern has said the parking lot will remain free in the Capitol Complex for state employees. Employees who currently hold permits for Lot #2 will continue to.

"We have an abundance of parking within the Capitol Complex," McGivern said. "State employees will continue to have immediate free access to parking in the Complex, and local taxpayers will benefit from property going back on the tax rolls.”