Fort Riley Soldiers To Provide Air Support In Afghanistan

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FORT RILEY, Kan. (WIBW) -- More than 2,000 Fort Riley soldiers are preparing to head to Afghanistan where they'll help provide support to our troops on the ground.

The 1st Infantry Division’s Combat Aviation Brigade cased their unit’s colors Friday during a ceremony at Fort Riley’s parade field as they gear up to leave for a nine month deployment.

Since their return from Iraq about two years ago, the brigade has received and trained on some of the Army’s newest technology and helicopters, including Black Hawks and Chinooks, as well as Unmanned Aerial Devices. It is the most modernized Combat Aviation Brigade in the Army, receiving most of the upgraded equipment before any other unit.

“Our mission in Afghanistan is clear- to deploy to the southern half of the country and provide security from the air not only to U.S. and NATO forces but the Afghan Security Forces as they assume the mission of their own security. We will provide intelligence, reconnaissance and security. We will quickly maneuver troops, supplies, leaders and casualties around the battlefield to where they’re needed,” said Colonel Matthew Lewis Commander of the Combat Aviation Brigade during the ceremony.

“You will be tested. The environment you’re going to will not be easy and you must remain focused and disciplined at all times. We’re deploying in the middle of the fighting season and during some of the hottest temperatures. Be patient and deliberate about your actions. Rely on your training and leaders,” he told his troops.

Members of the Combat Aviation Brigade, around 2,200 soldiers, will be deploying to Afghanistan in different groups throughout the month of August.