Law Firm Taking Action Against Hays Medical Center For Exposure To Hepatitis C

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Topeka, Kan. (WIBW) - A law firm in New Hampshire has announced that it is taking action against Hays Medical Center for exposure to Hepatitis C.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has begun notifying about 500 former patients that they may have been exposed to the disease.

McGrath Law Firm has begun an investigation and plans to bring claims against Hays Medical Center after a lab technician was charged with infecting patients with Hepatitis C when he worked at similar facilites.

David Kwiatkowski is a former lab technician who has already been charged in New Hampshire for contaminating supplies with the virus used in intravenous care.

He was an employee at the Hays Medical Center from May to September of 2010 and found out that he had the disease in June of that year.

The defendant allegedly injected himself with pain medicine and then let the contaminated syringes be reused on unsuspecting patients.

"500 patients from Hays Medical Center are being told that they were possibly exposed to the deadly virus," said Peter McGrath, who is in charge of legal actions against Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire. "All of the 500 victims have a claim, whether or not they test positive for Hepatitis C. The former patients who received a phone call telling them that they need to be tested will suffer pain, stress and anxiety from the fear of having the disease."

McGrath Law Firm has already handled the cases in New Hampshire and is positioned to spearhead the claims against Hays Medical Center.