Former Gage North Bowling Alley Getting Facelift

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The old Gage North bowling alley is getting new life.

Local developer Merrill Jacob is renovating the facility on Highway 24, just east of Kansas Avenue.

He says it will have one large space, ideal for a restaurant. He says it he's putting in a large window that will face the neighboring North Topeka Golf Center, with potential for an outdoor patio area.

In addition, Jacob says it will have space for four storefronts idea for retail or commercial operation, with three more areas on the back side of the building which could be used for commercial business or warehouse space.

Jacob says he's actively recruiting tenants to fill the spaces. He says making over an old building and putting in a lot of sweat equity has allowed him to keep costs down, which means he'll be able to lease for less than he would if he had constructed an entirely new building.

Jacob says his goal is for the building to look new on the outside, with unique touches on the inside. For example, he is recycling the wood from the bowling alley lanes and plans to incorporate it into the flooring.