Former Ag Secretaries Speak At KSU Landon Lecture

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Six of the nation's chief leaders in the agriculture industry spoke Monday night at Kansas State’s Landon Lecture.

Former secretaries Mike Johanns, Ann Veneman, Dan Glickman, Mike Espy, Clayton Yeutter, John Block and Ed Schafer.
gathered to touch on past and present obstacles faced by the Department of Agriculture, including areas such as the farm bill, the current state of congress, and the implementation of genetically modified produce.

"Somehow, we’ve got to make sure that we rely on science, not on somebody’s whim that you’ve got to go back and farm the way my grandfather did or the way they do it in Africa now," said Block. "A lot of places over there don’t have modern technology."

Despite pending negotiations regarding the U.S. farm bill, the former secretaries say they’re confident the bill will be passed.