Flint Hills Development District Being Formed

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JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (WIBW) - A signing ceremony was held Friday morning at the Flint Hills Regional Council meeting in Junction City.

A new seven-county Flint Hills Economic Development District is being formed. The new organization will work to implement a cohesive marketing strategy to promote the region’s tourism and business opportunities, as well as develop a regional brand reflecting the natural and social history of the region.

"I think as far as an economic development area, you know the collaboration between different entities, if say Pottawatomie County succeeds Lyon County succeeds.," said Lyon County Commissioner Scott Briggs. "It’s a region and the more you can help your neighbor the better it is for your own community."

The seven counties included in the District are Geary, Riley, Pottawatomie, Wabaunsee, Lyon, Chase, and Morris Counties.