Don't Be A Dummy: Play It Safe With Fireworks

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)_ The 4th of July is just two days away and many Kansans are gearing up to light up the sky with their own fireworks. There are of course some safety tips you don't want to forget about.

Topeka Fire Marshall Michael Martin wants to remind all Topekans to never park your vehicle on dry grass or close to fireworks and be weary of windy conditions. He says you shouldn't release fire works if it's too windy.

July 4th fireworks are fun to set off, but you don't want this dummy to be you.

Homemade fireworks cause explosions like the one seen in the video above and it's just one of the reasons Topeka Fire Marshal Michael Martin wants to remind parents and children to stay safe.

"People really love and enjoy fireworks, but they are dangerous," said Martin.

Cyndi McGrath is a Topeka mom who agrees. She always wants a grownup nearby when her kids shoot off fireworks.

"You get to watch a great big fire show and they can not shoot fireworks by themselves because God only knows what can happen!" says Cyndi.

Martin says wear eye protection, always ignite fireworks on paved surfaces and do not hold fire works in your hand.

"I think a lot of the injuries we see are burns from people holding fireworks in their hands. If it is in your hand, it can do damage to you. Or just having projectiles hit them in the face. Don't run right over and check them. Everyone wants to run right over and see what's going to happen. Let those sit for 10-15 minutes and then bring a bucket of water to put it out. Let's just be safe and be aware of our surroundings and get through the holiday," said Martin.

Martin also says don't forget to wet down all your ignition and fallout areas before lighting fireworks, so if a spark does hit the ground, the chances of that spark igniting a fire will be minimal.