Festival Ride In Conn. Sends Children Falling, Injures 15

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(CBS/AP)-- Eighteen people -- mostly children -- were injured when a festival attraction that swings riders into the air lost power at a community fair in Connecticut on Sunday afternoon but none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening, authorities said.

Most of the children suffered minor injuries and were treated at the Oyster Festival in Norwalk, police said. Norwalk Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik said there were initial reports of serious injuries but preliminary indications are that the injuries were not as severe as first feared.

Thirteen children were admitted to three different hospitals, according to Norwalk police. Twelve of the children were released later that night. The remaining patient is at Norwalk Hospital, where he or she is believed to have non-life-threatening injuries.

Kulhawik estimated that some children fell between 10 and 15 feet to the ground while some hit other riders and some hit the ride itself. One child was bleeding from a head injury, he said.