Federal Fraud Charges For SE Kansas City Clerk

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WICHITA, Kan. (AP) _ Federal prosecutors have charged a southeast Kansas woman with defrauding the city of Havana, Kan., and a church in Caney.

A criminal information filed Monday in U.S. District Court charges Havana city clerk Diana Cox with bank fraud and wire fraud.

Calls to Cox's home were unanswered, and court records showed no attorney.

Prosecutors say that, as city clerk, Cox went to Arvest Bank in Caney with a document purporting to be City Council minutes stating that only one signature was required on the city's checks.

Acting on the document, the bank allowed nearly $15,000 worth of city checks made out to Cox to be cashed or deposited into her personal account.

Prosecutors also charged Cox with defrauding Cross Point Baptist Church in Caney of more than $44,000.