Father In Kuwait Watches Son's Birth In Minn. Online

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A new father in Kuwait was able to witness every minute of his son's birth without physically being in the room with his wife in the U.S.

James Robbins, a former marine on assignment for the Department of Defense, watched his second child being born from the comfort of his Kuwait apartment by going online, CBS station WCCO in Minneapolis, Minn. reported.

"It's definitely the closest you can get to actually being there yourself," he said.

Robbins got the surprise call from his wife that he needed to call her back because their son was about to be born early. He rushed home to his apartment and logged online just in time to see the 6-pound, 10-ounce boy enter the world. Medical staff used an iPhone to help broadcast the delivery overseas.

He was even able to see the baby before his wife was and hear his first cry.

"It's amazing what technology can do that you can bring somebody from Kuwait all the way to Woodbury, Minn. to be present for a delivery," one of the medical staff members at the delivery said.