Fastpitch League Pitches In To "Recovering Rylee"

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__Friends are pitching in to help a teammate injured in a bicycle accident.

12 year old Rylee Robinson remains in critical care
at Stormont-Vail Hospital.

She was hit by a car while bicycling last week on South Topeka Boulevard.

One organization that has been cheering for Rylee since well before the accident.

Topeka Storm Fastpitch League trainer and coach Buck Breckinridge explained how all storm league teams will be stepping up to the plate for Rylee.

12 year old Rylee Robinson is recovering from serious injuries sustained from a May 6th bike accident along South Topeka Boulevard, but she has more than just family support. An entire league of teammates has pitched in because of who she is.

Coach Breckenridge said, "She is a tremendous young lady. She's a coaches dream. Shes a competitior and she wants to work and learn. Every practice, every game, she gets better.

Riley hasn't settled on just one position. Coaches say her talent allows her to move all across the diamond, but her nickname "Cherries," has stuck since day one.

When we first met "Cherries," she had a tatoo of cherries on her cheek. She always has a smile on her face like cherries in the sunshine."

Those close to Rylee know her personality will get her through this adversity.

Coach Breckenridge said, "It is her smile that always comes back and in tense situations she has that smile that brings us back to reality, and it is something that is just not softball."

You can buy special "Recovering Rylee" pins, and learn more about how to donate to a number of fundraisers for Rylee Robinson by visiting and clicking on the "Recovering Rylee" tab...