Fans Watch Demolition Of Dev Nelson Press Box

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MANHATTAN, Kan. – Memories from 20 years of fellowship and activity at the Dev Nelson Press Box hit an all-time high Saturday as more than 1,500 fans watched from either inside the East Suite Level of Bill Snyder Family Stadium or across the street as the press box was demolished to pave way for the new West Stadium Center.

Mortensen Construction and GE Johnson Construction Company, the construction managers for the $75 million West Stadium Center project, said that 172 rounds and more than 27 pounds of explosives were used to demolish the existing structure.

“This was a monumental day in the history of K-State Athletics,” said Athletics Director John Currie. “So many people have been instrumental in the development of our athletics program, and we are excited about the continued progress we have made towards our goal of a model intercollegiate athletics program.”

It was also fitting that following the initial blast, the 600-plus fans watching from the east side of the stadium could read only three words on the collapsed press box: “Bill Snyder” and “Family.”

Construction on the north and south portions of the West Stadium Center has been ongoing throughout the fall, and Saturday’s destruction of the press box paved the way for the remaining section of the new structure to be erected.