Family Travels To 51 Capitals In 51 Days | Makes Stop In Topeka

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)_ A Washington mom says she had a crazy dream she visited all 51 capitals in 51 days. Now, she and her family are making that dream a reality.

51-year-old Alisa Johnson, her sister 50-year-old Dina Johnson, and Alisa's two teenage boys, Tristan and Nicholas made their 37th stop in Topeka Sunday.

They walked outside the Capitol building and visited the Brown vs. Board Education site.

Alisa and her sister managed to both get time off work to complete this journey and create memories for a lifetime.

Dina Johnson turns 51 in the Fall. They all plan to fly to Juneau, Alaska and Honolulu, Hawaii as their last stops. If you want to follow them on their journey go to their blog