Families of Fallen Officers Speaks About Their Loved Ones

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-The families of both Corporal David Gogian and Officer Jeff Atherly are still grieving over the loss of both heroes.

Family members of the two fallen heroes released emotional statements as they addressed the media Friday. Still coming to grips with the loss of their loved ones, they are drawing upon strong support of each other and the Topeka Police Department.

Son of Corporal David Gogian and current Officer, Brandon Gogian said, "We are extremely grateful for all the support from the community and my fellow brethren in blue, it has really soften this blow a little bit."

Nearly 60 Topeka police officers presented the back drop for statements read aloud by family members of the two officers.

Steven Atherly, the father of Officer Atherly always knew the dangers his son could encounter. They even had a routine they would go through before he left the house.

"We had a ritual that we would do everytime he would leave. We would give him a hug, tell him we loved him and we would tell him be careful because there are bad guys out there."

In the midst of dealing with the tragedy of losing two fellow officers, Corporal David Gogian's son Brandon says his father loved community and fellow officers and even though he is gone, Brandon believes his father's spirit will live on.

He said, "My dad lived as a hero, died as a protector and will continue to serve as a guardian angel."