Fake Patty's Day In Manhattan Reaches Record Number Of Arrests

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW)-A flood of green swarmed the streets of Aggieville in Manhattan Saturday afternoon for an annual celebration, students call "Fake Patty's Day."

"Well, real Patty's Day is over spring break so what the bars and students decided to do is every Saturday before spring break is to celebrate before everyone goes off, so we made up a fake holiday and its just brought in so much craziness,"said K-State student, Emily Eggert.

And this celebration has put the Riley County Police Department to work.

"As of 3 p.m. today we have had 39 alcoholic violations. We've had over 300 calls for service since 6 o'clock last night which is an increase from the year previous by about 50 callls. As far as arrests go, we haven't made very many arrests at this point," said Officer Matthew Droge.

Police say the most common violations are alcohol related and noise complaints. In an incident earlier Saturday morning, Riley County police officers say a man had LSD and was arrested with a bond of $6,000.

Officers will continue to work into the late hours of the night to ensure this fake holiday is a safe one.

In Officer Droge's last briefing, he says that the number of arrests increased to 40 which is 6 more than last year. And the total number of reports reached 203, which is 17 more than last year.