Emporia Celebrates The Return Of Twinkies

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EMPORIA, Kan. (WIBW)-Twinkies are back on store shelves and Monday, one of the cities that bakes the golden cakes took time to celebrate the sweet comeback!

When Hostess declared bankruptcy last November, their Emporia bakery closed and more than 500 area workers lost their jobs.
That's why Monday's celebration was such a treat for the community.

After an 8 month hiatus, Twinkie snack cakes returned with a red-carpet premiere.

With new owners reopening Emporia's Hostess Bakery, the city welcomed them with a sweet party.

"We thought what better way to celebrate that than have a Twinkie festival," said Travis Hitt, Co-Director.

"I'm pretty excited, its a big deal for Emporia," said volunteer Alicia Goss.

From performing the new dance craze, Twinkie Shake, to deep fried Twinkies, costume contest, painted Twinkies on hands- it was a fun fans could all eat up.

"They just taste really good and they make really excellent desserts," said Kayla Sybounheuang.

"When I was little I used to eat the whole box,"said Keo Sybounheuang.

Attendees who couldn't who get enough devoured their favorite golden cake in a food eating contest.

"Yes, I'm glad Twinkies are back! I was really heartbroken when they took the Twinkies away. I was like 'no!' but yes they are back, I'm happy!" said one of the food eating contest winners, Heidi Cooper, wearing a "I love Twinkies" t-shirt.

A happy day indeed for snack lovers and job seekers, eager to forget the sour taste of the past few months without a creamy center in the heart of their community.

Cupcakes, Donetees, Zingers, Hohos and Ding Dongs also go on sale nationwide Monday as well.